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The Assistive Technology Project

These videos are designed to help you manage your assistive listening technology. There are nineteen videos in this series, developed by Tina Childress, MA, CCC-A. Tina is very active in a variety of professional and consumer advocacy groups both locally and nationally. She is an audiologist, and is also a Cochlear Implant user. Please click on the links below to view the videos. Each video is closed captioned, and you will be able to view the captions by clicking on the CC symbol on the bottom control bar. (Some of the videos are open captioned.) You can also make the videos full screen by clicking on the icon on the control bar at the bottom of the video. Click here to download the handout that you can refer to while watching the videos.
Assistive Listening Technology

The following videos illustrate other types of technology used around the house, at work and in our community.
Alert Systems Technology

Telephone Technology

Captioning Technology

Communication Technology

Community Support


There are different advocacy groups, manufacturers and vendors that have done filming of assistive devices and even how-to videos of their product.     Rather than re-create the wheel, you can find links at and view these various videos by clicking on “Videos” or “AssistiveTechnology” in the searchable tags to bring them up.

Information on Assistive Technology in Spanish: Isabel Necesita la Tecnologia de Asistencis